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Can I receive financial assistance?

YES. in arkansas, You may qualify to receive financial support.  Your adoptive family may want to pay for your living expenses (i.e.: rent, food, maternity clothes, etc.), according to state law.  abba adoption agency will provide you with an adoption coordinator to help you understand what you are able to receive.  

What about the birth father?

ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas will help you work through the birth father issues based upon your particular situation!

Can I get counseling?

Yes. ABBA Adoption agency provides you with an on staff Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  You may also choose to see a counselor of your choice or we can refer a counselor to you.  In addition, ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas provides “Life Time” counseling.  What this means is that at different milestones in your life, you will find that the question of your decision to make an adoption life plan for your baby may arise.  Times in your life this may happen may be when you decide to marry and begin the process of planning for a baby in the future.  This might be a milestone in which you may feel you need counseling to help you process through your adoption decision again and should that happen, abba adoption agency is here to help you with that.  As long as your counseling is a direct reflection of your adoption life plan, we are here to assist you.

Does this cost me anything?

No.  There is no cost to you for the excellence in adoption services that abba adoption agency in arkansas provides.  all cost associated with your adoption is covered by the adoptive family.  

What happens before the baby is born?

abba adoption agency helps you build an adoption life plan that best fits your needs and desires.  If you want, you may choose the baby’s adoptive parents.  You tell your adoption coordinator what is important to you in a family (i.e., race, religion, age, other children, etc.) and abba adoption agency in arkansas will present profiles of families that match what you are looking for and that can assist you best.  Once a “match” is made.  You can meet with the baby’s adoptive family before the baby is born if you want.  You will continue seeing your doctor and taking care of yourself.  Your Adoption coordinator is here to support you every step of the way!  You will never have to feel you are facing this alone!  

What happens when I go into labor?

If you go into labor and have not selected a family yet, it is okay.  You will need to call abba adoption agency's office.  We will have a family ready as soon as possible.  The baby will not be without adoptive parents.

If you are already working with abba adoption agency in arkansas on an adoption life plan for your baby, your adoption coordinator and you would have already made arrangements with the hospital.  Your Adoption coordinator will be with you at the hospital throughout your labor and delivery.  Again, you will never have to feel you are facing your unplanned pregnancy and adoption life plan alone! 

What happens after the baby is born?

After the baby is born, you will most likely remain in the hospital for 12-24 hours before you are released.  The adoptive family is usually at the hospital caring for the baby.  If you would like to see your baby and spend time with him/her, that’s ok, too.  Your Adoption coordinator will assist you in building a Birth Plan tailored to your needs and request while at the hospital. You need to let everyone know what you are most comfortable with.  The hospital social worker will meet with you to sign a birth certificate and hospital release form.  ABBA Adoption agency will make sure you have transportation home and your baby will go home from the hospital with the adoptive family.  An arrangement with your adoptive family regarding contact after the baby is born (i.e.: pictures, letters, etc.), will have already been made.

Will anyone find out about the adoption?

 abba adoption agency in arkansas respects your decision to make your adoption life plan confidential.  If you do not want your family or friends to know, that is your choice.  You may tell whomever you want; it is not up to abba adoption agency to do so.  If you would like, abba adoption agency will help you through telling those close to you.

Do I need to meet with someone from abba adoption agency in arkansas?

Abba adoption agency in arkansas provides you with an Adoption coordinator who will meet with you and help you work through everything related to your unplanned pregnancy and your adoption life plan.  We can travel to wherever you are in the state of arkansas or meet in our office, whichever makes you the most comfortable.

Do I need an attorney?

You most likely will not need an attorney.  ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas will be happy to arrange to have an attorney available, if necessary, at no cost to you. 

What hours is abba adoption agency available?

ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., however staff is always available for emergencies.  ABBA Adoption agency also knows that due to circumstances we may need to arrange our time outside of the normal business hours, such as, if you have a job or in school during those times.  We are flexible!  You will have access to your Adoption coordinator for emergencies when they arise.

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Maybe you know in your heart that you can’t take care of your baby.  There’s not enough time, money, or help.  Maybe you already have children and one more child would be too much stress on you!

There is hope in your situation!  There are many families all over the country that would love to have a baby of their own, but can’t due to infertility.  There are other families who feel a very strong calling to grow their family through adoption.  They are waiting for a person like you; a person that wants to give a baby life, and share that baby with them.

For every baby placed into an adoption plan, there are many well screened families waiting for a baby to cherish.    Making a loving adoption life plan for your baby will meet your responsibility to your baby.  Talking with an Adoption coordinator through abba adoption agency in arkansas does not commit you to adoption, but it will give you more information from which to base your decisions. There are also families that want to adopt babies with special needs or of any ethnic background.

You are doing the right thing by researching all of your options.  Adoption is a choice that you need to think about carefully, but if you are not able to parent, no matter what the reason, adoption may be the right choice for you!

Please read over the frequently asked questions and their respective answers below:

How much, and what type of financial assistance can I receive?

Each adoption situation is truly unique and each state has specific laws regarding financial assistance.  In most cases, the adoptive family will cover your medical bills.  If you have insurance or Medicaid, the family will pay for anything that is not covered.  In arkansas, funds can be provided for your living expenses, while in other states this is illegal.  To find out what all assistance can be available to you in the state of arkansas, contact abba adoption agency today.

How involved can I, the birthmother, be in the entire adoption process?

This is your adoption life plan!  You call the shots.  abba adoption agency in arkansas will provide you with an Adoption coordinator that will discuss with you your options and provide guidance when needed, but the final decisions are yours. You get to decide how much contact you want to have with the adoptive family as well as whether you would like to see the baby in the hospital or would rather be transferred off the floor.  You will be able to decide if you would like to receive letters and pictures of your baby growing up and, if you are unsure, you can have ABBA Adoption agency hold those items until you are ready to receive them.  There is no right or wrong way to design your adoption life plan!

How much information about me is shared with the adoptive family?

You can share however much or little information about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing.  The adoptive family will know your name, your last name (only if you want them to), your medical history and the social aspects of your life.  Your social history is provided to the family, for the baby's benefit, once they have custody of the baby.  So, please remember to be as thorough as you can be when providing your information so your baby can learn about you and your family if he/she has questions someday.  If you want minimal information shared with your baby, let your Adoption coordinator know and they can pass this along to the family.

How do I tell my family or friends about my adoption life plan?

There are many different ways for you to tell your family and friends about your unplanned pregnancy and adoption life plan.  If you do not feel comfortable discussing it with them in person, writing a letter can be an option.  When you write a letter you can describe your reasons for choosing adoption and share all other thoughts and information you have collected about adoption.  Writing a letter allows you to share this information, which you might otherwise forget if you were sitting in front of them.  Read that letter directly to your family members and friends.  Finding the strength to tell them can be very difficult. However, adoption is a loving and unselfish choice and explaining to your family members and friends the reasons that you feel an adoption life plan is best for your child is a step that is worth taking. If you do not feel comfortable telling your family and feel it would be best to keep it confidential, that is okay, too.  Talk with your Abba adoption agency adoption coordinator about helpful tips and information that she can provide to you about your situation so you can decide what is best for you.   abba adoption agency is here to help and Your Adoption coordinator will also assist you in talking with your family and friends if you would like her to.

Can my parents stop me from choosing an adoption life plan for my baby?

Adoption is your choice!  This is your baby and you are the one who will know if you can raise this baby.  An adoption life plan is something that may present a challenge for you emotionally if your parents do not want you to place the baby for adoption.  It is something that you will have to be prepared to deal with throughout your adoption process. However, helping your parents to understand why you feel adoption is the best option and also trying to include them in the process can help them to understand your reasoning, even if they do not agree with your decision.  Ultimately, you are the only one who can make this decision because it will directly affect you and your baby for the rest of your life.  If you feel that it is best not to involve your family in your adoption life plan that is completely up to you.  Your Adoption coordinator will just want to make sure that you have made the right choice for you and that you have the support you need.

Are people right when they say that this is selfish of me? How should I respond when they say something like that?

Choosing an adoption life plan for your baby is the most loving and unselfish decision that you can make.  Adoption reflects positively on everyone involved.  Your baby will be able to have all the opportunities and experiences that you want for him or her.  You are also able to move ahead and accomplish those goals that you may have for yourself.  Due to your situation, it may be too difficult for you to raise a child at this point.  Realizing that there are other families out there who are unable to have children and will love your baby as their own can give you a rewarding feeling.  Just knowing that you are doing something so wonderful for someone else is an amazing act of love.  It is important for you to surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and of adoption.  Letting people know the reasons you are choosing an adoption life plan is a way to help others have more knowledge about adoption and how truly special it is to everyone involved.  Adoption is your decision and therefore you are the only one who can make the decision.  You are allowing a couple to become a family and enabling your baby to have everything that life has to offer.  Have pride in knowing it takes a very strong person to recognize when adoption is the best option for a baby.

How will my other children react to adoption?  How can I tell my children about my decision?

Teaching your children about adoption can be done in many ways.  Reading books about adoption, telling them bedtime stories about situations that involve adoption, and even involving those in the adoption process or contact after the placement can be helpful in explaining your situation.  Children can write letters or draw pictures to their new baby brother or sister.  Often times, this makes them feel as if the baby is still a part of their life even when he/she is not living in the home.  It also allows children to express their feelings and share more information that they may not have shared verbally.  Adoption is a positive choice and children need to understand some of the reasons that an adoption life plan was the right choice for you.  On an age appropriate level, explain that you want to "share" this baby with another family who cannot have babies of their own.  Remind your children that this baby will always be a part of their lives, but he/she just live with another family now.  abba adoption agency's Adoption coordinator will guide you with more ideas based on your unique situation about sharing your adoption experience with your other children. 

One person stated: "I was 17 years old when I had my son and although I did not have any other children I had very young siblings.  My sister was 6 at the time that I placed my son for adoption.  She saw my son after he was born and even held him and fed him.  She knew that he was not coming home with me, but also had many questions.  She met the adoptive family and really liked them.  She is now 13 and understands why I chose an adoption life plan. She still has pictures of my son with her all the time.  She has asked me many questions and has included him in her life.  She knows how happy my son is and really believes that adoption was the best choice for me in the situation that I was in.  She supports me and I continue to teach her about adoption every day.  She now tells me that I was so brave and strong and she looks up to me for the choices that I made.  I am so happy that I included her in my experience and allowed her to be a part of the adoption process." Birth mother- Susan Age 23

One thing that is important to remember is that children do not understand adult decisions.  Although you want them to understand and be a part of your adoption life plan, it may take time for them to understand the bigger picture.  It is extremely important for you to use positive adoption language.  ABBA Adoption agency is here to help you navigate through these sensitive issues.  Your Adoption coordinator will help you come up with a plan and talk track to help you with your unique situation.

Do I have to include the birth father in the adoption?

ABBA Adoption agency encourages birth father participation in the adoption process.  If the birth father is not supportive or chooses not to participate in the adoption, that is okay.  ABBA Adoption agency will help you make an adoption life plan based upon your specific situation.

What if I do not know who the father of the baby is or there is more than one possible father?

You are not alone.  Many birth mothers do not know exactly who the father of their baby is or how to locate him and that is okay.  We will explain the process of how an unknown birth father will be handled in the state of arkansas.  The most important thing is for you to be as honest and open about the potential birth fathers(s) as possible.

What if the birth father does not agree with my adoption decision?

We have worked with many birth mothers where the birth father does not agree with the adoption life plan.  ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas will help you understand the process of how his rights will need to be addressed based upon your specific situation.

Is it uncommon that the birth father is my boyfriend, fiancée, or husband and we want to place our baby for adoption?

Absolutely not!  Many birth parents are still dating or even married and they are choosing an adoption life plan together.  Every person's situation is unique and in many cases adoption is the best choice for the baby, even if the birth parents are still in a relationship.  This can be due to age, financial instability, and other children that they are caring for, or various other reasons.  Having your boyfriend or spouse involved in your adoption can provide extra support and guidance for you during this time.  abba adoption agency supports couples who choose an adoption life plan together.

How much information about the adoptive family will be shared with me?

You will receive a variety of profiles of adoptive families currently waiting to adopt through abba adoption agency who fit your specific circumstances and wishes.  These profiles contain photos of the family with descriptions of their lifestyle and interests, their relationship with each other, and what their home and extended family are like.  Each profile will also include a "Dear Birthmother Letter."  This letter is from the family written to you letting you know why they are adopting and what they would provide for your baby's life.  Profiles give a personal voice to their lives, and you can start to learn their values and dreams for their family and future.  The profile is meant to be an outline of their family, containing first name and any other information they choose to share at that time.  This information will help you choose which adoptive family you may like to adopt your baby.  You may have one or two that you like, or you may have more.  Once you have informed your Adoption coordinator of your favorites, she will help you determine which one is a perfect match for you.  ABBA Adoption agency knows what a difficult decision it is to make an adoption life plan.  It is vital you feel connected to the adoptive family you choose!

After I choose an adoptive family that I like, how do I get in touch with them to let them know I have selected them?

Your Adoption Coordinator will contact the family for you.  You can also write them a letter explaining why you would like them to be the parents of your baby.  A case plan will be completed, with the help of your Adoption Coordinator, abba adoption agency creates a personalized adoption life plan for you that includes a plan to get to know the adoptive family.

Will I meet and/or talk to the adoptive family prior to the adoption?

absolutely!  Remember, this is your adoption life plan, ABBA Adoption agency wants to help you make an adoption life plan that is right for you!  If you have specific wishes, discuss them with your Adoption coordinator. However, if you would prefer not to meet your adoptive family, be sure to share this with your Adoption coordinator.  She will do her best to make arrangements for your adoption life plan according to your wishes!  Your Adoption coordinator will help you with all these details while you are making your adoption life plan. 

What if I choose a family and afterward I am not comfortable with them and change my mind?

Adoption is your choice and ABBA Adoption agency wants you to be comfortable with the family that you have chosen.  If for any reason you are not, then ABBA Adoption agency wants to know so we can find the perfect family for you and your baby.  Talk with your Adoption coordinator about any concerns as soon as you begin to feel them, as she may be able to share more information to help you navigate through your feelings

How can I be sure that the families ABBA Adoption agency works with provide me with the best possible choices for my baby?

ABBA Adoption agency accepts only the best adoptive family candidates in the United States. While most adoption agencies have minimal requirements for their families, ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas goes beyond the minimum requirements and conducts extensive interviews in order to provide you with the quality family that you are looking for.

We have families from various careers, backgrounds, and interests throughout the United States. With ABBA Adoption agency, you can select from a variety of adoptive families.

In selecting your ideal family, we provide you with the best quality, screened Christian families.  In addition, if you wanted the adoptive parents to be young and outgoing, we would find you the best quality, screened families who were young and outgoing.  If you want the adoptive parents to be older and more established in their careers, ABBA adoption agency will find a couple that is older and more established.  ABBA Adoption agency will help you find the perfect family for you and your baby.

How much contact can I have with my baby and the adoptive family after the adoption?

Your adoption life plan is completely up to you.  You can design an adoption life plan that is most comfortable for you.  If you desire, you can receive letters and pictures from the adoptive family after the adoption takes place. You can also send pictures, letters and gifts to the adoptive family and baby.  ABBA Adoption agency will work with you to determine how much, or how little, contact you desire and accommodate you accordingly.  Again, this is your adoption life plan and we are here to help you design a life plan perfect for your situation.

When my child is older, how will the family tell my child about the adoption and me?

This is a question that can be answered only by the individual family.  Each family has their own style of how to introduce the adoption to the child.  ABBA Adoption agency strongly encourages adoptive families to make adoption language and celebrations part of their everyday family interactions and traditions.  When you are matched with your adoptive family, you can ask this question to them.  If you would like your Adoption coordinator to discuss it with them for you, just let her know.  She would be happy to bring up the topic and share your wishes or provide some ideas that have been used by other adoptive families in the past.  You will also have an opportunity to share with your baby what you would like them to know about you.  You can make an adoption life scrapbook for your baby in order to share photos of you and your family, hobbies, stories, and you may even want to write a letter to your baby.  Some birth mothers have even knitted a special blanket as a gift to their baby, or give a similar symbol of their love.  The adoptive family can then provide that to your child as he/she grows older.  If the father of your baby would like, he can also put together a scrapbook and write a letter to the baby.  You may have other family members who would like to share photos or a letter with the baby.  It is an opportunity to give your baby the knowledge of your love, personality, history, and the reasons for your adoption life plan decision.  The adoptive family will treasure whatever you provide and share it with the child at an appropriate age. In most adoptive homes, the word adoption is in the child's vocabulary early on and is a celebrated in their lives. 

Will my child understand my decision?

ABBA Adoption agency provides many ways for you to express the reasons that you chose an adoption life plan for your baby.  You can speak with the adoptive family and ask them how they plan to tell the baby about you and the adoption.  You can also complete our "Given in Love” workbook along with an “Adoption life Baby Book” and share your hobbies, interests, pictures of you and your family, and any other details about your life that you want the adoptive family to share with your baby.  You are also encouraged to write the baby a letter for the adoptive family to give to the child someday that explains to them why you chose an adoption life plan for him /her.  It is normal for birth mothers to have a lot of fears about the future of their baby.  However, expressing your feelings through writings, drawings, or other talents will show your baby that you made this decision for them because you loved him/her and wanted what was best for them.

Will I always wonder how my baby is doing?

You will always hope that your baby is happy and you will never forget about the experience that you went through.  However, getting to know the adoptive family during your pregnancy and visiting with them will provide you comfort by allowing you to see how much love they have for you and your baby.  Choosing to receive pictures and letters can help you stay informed and updated on how the baby is doing.  These things can reassure you that your baby is happy and that you made the decision that was best for you and your baby.  You may feel some relief and comfort knowing that your baby has what you wanted for them, a loving home full of opportunities. 

"I receive pictures and letters two times a year and my son is almost 6 years old now.  I patiently wait every few months to receive the next set of pictures and a letter.  I love to see how much Ryan has grown, read about how he is doing in school, and learn about all the new experiences that he has the opportunity to be a part of.  I have learned that he is in the gifted program in school, plays on a basketball, soccer, baseball, and wrestling team.  He is going to Florida in February for a family vacation, and he loves to play with his cousin Zack.  I am very thankful to receive these pictures and letters because it constantly reassures me that he is happy and that I made the best decision for him.  I love him more than anything in the world and to see him this happy makes me happy.  It is very rewarding to know that I made such a strong decision for my son and he has brought so much joy to all the people who are in his life, including my own.  He is always in my heart and his pictures are memories that are forever with me." Birth mother- Kim, Age 23

Will I be able to see my baby after the birth?

Your hospital experience should happen in the way that you decide that you want it to happen.  If you choose to see your baby after he/she is born, you can do that.  You can choose to hold your baby, feed your baby, and change your baby.  You may also choose to have the adoptive family share in these experiences so they can begin bonding with the baby.  It is sometimes helpful for you to have closure, therefore having some interaction with your baby at the hospital can allow you to say whatever you need to say to your baby and cherish that memory.  You may choose not to see or have any contact with the baby because it does not feel right for you or some birth mothers believe they need to protect their heart through this time.  That is also an option and the baby can stay with the adoptive parents in the hospital or in the nursery.  Each individual birth mother has to decide what she is comfortable with and what works best for her.  Your Adoption coordinator will help you develop a Birth Plan that is tailored to your specific desires. 

"I chose to see my son after he was born.  I held him, fed him, changed him, rocked him, comforted him, talked to him, and even explained my reasons for choosing adoption for him.  It was something that I felt I needed to do for myself to help with closure.  I knew adoption was right for my situation, although I also knew it would be the most difficult decision that I ever have had to make.  I said my goodbyes to my son and that is a moment that I will treasure until the day that we hopefully meet again." Birth mother- Sarah, age 33

What can I expect to feel after I say goodbye?

There are so many emotions that accompany the birth of a baby that you make an adoption life plan for: grief, loss, guilt, loneliness, sadness, relief, joy, peace and happiness, sense of fatigue, confusion, and of course, doubt, are a few of the most common emotions.  There are other emotions as well, though you may not experience all of these emotions.  Adoption is such an overwhelming decision that it may take you a while to sort through all of your feelings.  These emotions should be expected and are completely normal.  They are part of the healing process.  How one woman chooses to deal with her adoption decision may be very different with how another woman deals with hers.  Some women speak of only happiness about their decision and consistently say that they have no regret.  They know that they gave a family the greatest gift anyone could ever give them: a baby! Some women will go through grief and loss feelings after their adoption. This may cause confusion because they feel sad and lost. However, they know in their heart they made the right decision and feel happiness about that. It is important for you to understand all the possible emotions and verbalize your feelings to your Adoption coordinator so that ABBA Adoption agency can help you with proper counseling and resources to help you through this time.

Once I sign the adoption papers, can I change my mind?

Adoption laws vary from state to state. In Arkansas, once you sign the Relinquishment and Consent to Adoption you have ten days after the baby is born to change your mind. The ten day period includes weekends and holidays, but if the tenth day is a weekend or holiday, the last day to revoke is the next business day following the 10th day.  Arkansas also gives you the right to waive 5 days of the revocation period.  There is no right to revoke beyond the revocation period.  Abba adoption agency will gladly go over the laws in arkansas and procedures with you. 

Will I regret my decision?

There are many emotions that correspond with adoption.  Regret is one of those emotions that are unpredictable.  However, knowing that you can choose an adoptive family that you are comfortable with and creating an adoption life plan that meets your needs will help you feel confident about your adoption.  Adoption is a very difficult decision and it is normal to question your thoughts and feeling throughout the process.  When you think about the reasons that you have considered and chosen an adoption life plan, you will most likely find that it was the best decision that you could have made for everyone involved.  Knowing that you made a positive decision out of love and in the best interest of your baby will help you cope with any feelings or thought of regret, should you experience this. 

"I was scared that I might regret my decision later on when my daughter became older and when I was more financially stable and would have been able to raise her.  However, seeing how happy she is with her adoptive family makes me feel good about my decision and I would never want to take all the wonderful experiences that she has had away from her.  I could not give her everything that she deserved and everything that I had always dreamed for my children to have.  Now she has all of that and I know that it is because of my brave decision that those opportunities are possible for her." Birth mother-Beth, age 22

Why is ABBA Adoption agency the right adoption agency choice for many birthmothers?

abba adoption agency has worked with many women facing an unplanned pregnancy and offer assistance to women in need.  Our caring staff is able to assist you 7 days a week and provide you with one-on-one counseling about your unplanned pregnancy and the options available to you. ABBA Adoption agency is well known for the love and support we give to our birth families and adoptive families.  Most birth moms we have worked with we maintain long relationships with.  At ABBA Adoption agency, it is not just about making an adoption life plan, but helping you, the birth mother understand that you too are created in the image of God and He has a wonderful plan for your life.  ABBA Adoption agency is here to invest in your life!

“For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the LORD’s declaration—“plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”. ~ Jeremiah 29:11

 When choosing an adoption agency to work with, you must feel completely comfortable with their program and staff.  With ABBA Adoption agency, you will work with an Adoption Specialist who is available to you.  The Adoption coordinator will be your advocate, providing support and guidance as you decide the type of adoption life plan that is right for you.

What is the next step?  How do I start the adoption process?

To learn more about the adoption process or receive more information call abba adoption agency in arkansas at (501) 776-2566 or toll free at (866)721-1551, or email us today at or  An Adoption coordinator will contact you to answer any questions you may have.