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What type of adoptive parents does ABBA Adoption agency accept?

Since ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas is a Christian agency that is committed to biblical standards of excellence.  We believe to carry on the mission of our agency, preserve the function and integrity of ABBA Adoption agency, it is imperative that we work with adopted families that hold to these same values.  We seek out adopted parents that are evangelical Christians who can provide a stable, nurturing home.  We have an application process that all adoptive families must complete, along with a Statement of Faith that the family must fill out, sign and return to us.   In addition, all adoptive couples must complete and pass all home study requirements​.

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If we find a match in another state, will abba adoption agency pursue the child for us?

Yes, ABBA Adoption agency has experience in working with agencies across the nation to facilitate the Interstate Compact process.

How much time does a birth parent have to change their mind after consenting to the termination of parental rights?

A birth parent’s Consent to Adoption may not be withdrawn after an entry of a Decree of Adoption, absent fraud or duress.  A birth parent may withdraw their Consent to Adoption within 10 calendar days after providing the Consent or 10 days after the birth of the baby, whichever is later to occur.  A birth parent may also choose to waive 5 of the 10 day revocation period.  If the last day of the revocation period falls on a weekend or holiday, the birth parent has until the close of court the following normal business day.

Do birth mother’s receive assistance with expenses and are they covered under our agency fees?

Each adoption situation is truly unique ad each state has differing laws regarding financial assistance.  In most cases, the adoptive family is allowed to cover the medical bills.  If the birth mother has Insurance or Medicaid, the adoptive family will pay for anything that is not covered.  In some states, funds can be provided for the birth mother’s living expenses.  Arkansas allows these types of expenses.  We will gladly explain the assistance for each particular situation with our families.  Expenses paid out for the benefit of the birth mother are not the same as agency fees and should always be considered risk monies in adoption.   ​

What if the adoption does not work out?

ABBA Adoption agency guarantees no additional agency fees will be paid in the event of a disruption.  The adoptive couple will be promptly placed back into the pool of adoptive parents for their next match.  Of-course we hope a disruption never happens to one of our families, but in cases where they do, ABBA Adoption is here to counsel and pray for and with you.  It is important to go through the grieving process when a disruption does occur as it is vital that you are in an emotionally healthy state before proceeding forward in the adoption process with another match.  ABBA Adoption agency never tells a couple how long that process should be as we all grieve differently.  No family should ever have to go through a disruption without proper care and attention given to them.  We just want the process of adoption to be a blessing and not one filled with fear.  Please note…..birth mother expenses are not the same as agency fees and are always considered a risk.​

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Will we receive medical or background information on the birth mother?

Yes, we have access to pre-natal records, hospital records, and nursery records along with Social and Medical History forms that the birth parents fill out.  All of this information is given to the adoptive family.  This information is extremely important to you and your child as they grow.  ABBA Adoption works diligently to get as much information for you so that you can make informed decisions.​

If we become uncomfortable with a match, do we have an out?

ABBA Adoption agency feels that it is important that you are committed to your match.  If at any time you become uncomfortable, ABBA Adoption agency will assist you in answering your concerns and if the match proves unstable, we will disrupt your match and find another situation for your family.​

Why do adoptions cost so much?

In addition to the fees charged by the agency, adoption cost include expenses that relate to caring for the birth mother.  Those expenses can include medical cost, living expenses, travel expenses and even cradle care, just to name a few.  When comparing adoption cost you will find they vary from state to state and agency to agency.  When comparing adoption services in relation to cost, here are some key items to consider:

  • Services:  The lower the fees, the less services offered.  Cutting services is the most common way to reduce adoption cost, but at the expense of safety and increased waiting times.

  • Staffing: the fewer staff members an agency has, the less time it can devote to families and birth mothers.  When an agency is not staffed properly, fewer adoptions occur.  An agency should always adjust its staffing to the number of cases it is working.  ABBA Adoption agency in arkansas is well staffed and handles crisis calls 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

  • Advertising: ABBA Adoption agency understands families do not want to wait years to adopt a child.  Therefore, we get involved in the community to network with places such as local Care Pregnancy Centers, hospitals, doctor offices, churches, schools, and universities to make a presence of it what we have to offer and what makes us more effective and essential in working with birth parents on their adoption plan.  In addition, we utilize marketing strategies that prove successful.  We know our market and we know what it takes to reach that market for our families.​

What criteria do you use to match children to families?

The first thing that ABBA Adoption agency does in matching is PRAY!  We believe without a doubt that the Holy Spirit guides these matches.  The next thing we do is look at what type of adoption the birth parents are desiring.  As we help them build an adoption plan that is best for them, we can, with confidence, show profiles of adopted families that line up with their desires and needs and allow her to be invested in choosing her family.  Remember, just because a birth mother chooses you, if you do not feel it is the right match for your family, you have the right to not match.  
In rare instances the birth mother will not want to choose a family and will ask the agency to choose for her.  ABBA Adoption agency will match her with the best suited couple based upon her overall needs and desires starting with the family that has been with the agency the longest.  ABBA Adoption must always make decisions in the best interest of the child.​